Primeras Jornadas de Sir James Douglas (Douglas's Days)



El fin de semana del 20-21 de agosto tendrán lugar las Primeras Jornadas de Sir James Douglas. Para conocer el programa completo descárgese los trípticos


Cartel de las Jornadas

Anverso del tríptico de las Jornadas

Reverso del tríptico de las Jornadas


In english:

Program of activities

Saturday, 20 of August

19.30. Institutional act and Medieval Market

21.00. Theater representation: “The black horseman” by the Group “Erató”

23.00. Night of the two cultures

            23.00. Performance of the flamenco group “Juncal”

            01.00. Performance of the celtic music group “Saurom Lamderth”

Sunday, 21 of August

10.00. We will visit the Castle of the Star, by the Hisn Atiba Association

13.00. Spectacle of circus


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